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What Are the Different Types of Real Christmas Trees?

Real Christmas trees come in a number of different varieties. Each one is usually preferred by some for their coloring, their branches, their aroma, or how long they last. While you can make almost any type of tree look good, there are those that simply look better than others.

Allergy sufferers that love real Christmas trees can often find that one type will set off an allergic reaction while another may not. Of course, this usually requires a bit of experimentation or a skin test to find specific trees that will not create an allergy attack. If you opt to experiment you should switch from the pines to the spruces to the firs rather than trying the Scotch pine and then the Virginia pine.

One of the more desirable real Christmas trees would be the Arizona cypress. This is a tree that is typically favored for its fullness, even at shorter heights. Many of the trees will have to mature significantly before the branches fill out completely. The Arizona cypress has ample tiny needles so that it grows as a more robust looking tree.

The Douglass fir is probably one of the greenest trees you will find for the holiday season. The sharp, stiff leaves are a darker, richer green than most trees and the shading can change dramatically once the branches fall. While this is not as naturally even as many other tree options, the Douglass fir is a favorite for its color and fragrance.

The Frasier fir is an enchanting tree for the holidays. The leaves are actually grooved, and the silver that lines each groove is quite striking against the deep green. The branches tend to have a rather natural slope upward, and putting too much weight on a branch can bring it down. Regardless, the contrasting color and the sharp look of the leaves is what catches many eyes.

The Eastern White pine is a great tree, especially for more traditional households. These are often the trees that you see depicted in images of generations gone by, and they have become an endearing favorite for many families. The gentle green and natural fullness make it a tree with a large fan club.

Real Christmas trees are becoming popular again thanks to tree recycling programs. With a greater availability of recycling programs, many are finding it less ethically taxing to divulge the urge for a real tree.