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3 Sneaky 6-Figure Self-Sabotaging Mistakes to Avoid

If you desire to break into 6 figures and you haven't reached it yet (or you're already in 6 figures and you're frustrated trying to double that), chances are you may be struggling with a few sneaky little self-sabotage mistakes that are keeping you from surging ahead and increasing your income.

The good news is, once you know what these mistakes are, you can quickly eliminate them from your business.

Even better, ridding yourself of these pesky little gremlins will positively impact your life, too. This is because as a soul-based business owner, what you do and who you are blend together seamlessly, which means that as you improve one area of your life or business, you improve ALL areas.

Here are 3 quick tricks that send self-sabotage packing.

Tip #1: Stop Telling Yourself That Making More Money is Hard

Every time you lament how much you're already working or how you don't want to work any harder, you're finding "evidence" that feeds the gremlins of self-sabotage.

Why CAN'T making more money be easier? The key is to be open to the possibility that it may be easier, you just haven't had the right systems in place yet to make that happen for yourself. Once you decide that it CAN be easier, you'll find the right resources and tools to help you achieve your dream.

Tip #2: Make Peace With Your Money Past

Money is a highly emotionally-charged topic so you may have unfounded beliefs, old values or unsupportive behavior regarding money that no longer serve you. This is normal so don't sweat it, just do something about it. Try this: imagine doubling your income. Now imagine doubling it again. Would the people in your life be happy for you or is there someone who you're concerned may be threatened by your success? If so, it's time to let go of the need for their approval so that you're free to succeed.

Tip #3: Only Say Yes to Clients and Projects at Your New 6- or 7-Seven Figure Level

I recommend creating levels for your rates, packages, guarantees - even the types of clients you accept - to match those of a 6, high-6 or 7-figure business owner. By upgrading you set the stage to receive the fees and clients who match your new level of energy alignment. You may need to let go of old clients who are draining your time and energy. Remember that you must let go to grow!

By Ridding Yourself of Self-Defeating Self-Sabotage, You're Clearing The Path For 6- and High 7-Figure Success

Yes, you must know the specific marketing steps to take and the right business model to create. But the truth is, if you work as much on "you" as you do your marketing you'll quickly become not only financially successful but spiritually successful in both life and business!